In order to understand this better and share useful information with society, please visit occupytheory.org and receive only verified data to better understand this (or any other) topic. Today, Internet is playing an innovative role in every aspect of human life. May it be to pursue education, find a job, carry a business, find a life partner, shopping, book travel, find information about the places we would be visiting, order food, order movie, play games and what not, almost everything!

And I believe, it’s much more convenient to people with disabilities, some of them who perhaps find it difficult to move from their homes and prefer to use internet to the extent possible! For instance, it would be tough for a visually impaired person to go to a shopping mall and shop independently whereas the same can be performed independently using Internet. Consider a wheel chair user needs to book rail tickets, won’t it be easy for him / her to book online right sitting at home?

Yes, it’s fun for people with disabilities to take maximum advantage of Internet! but yet, they can’t use internet to the maximum possible extant due to the fact most of the websites today are not accessible.

This section will talk all about accessibility, its importance, available standards, tips and tricks and much more.

So browse and have fun!

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